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to become a pilot1We’re here as a resource to those looking to become a pilot. By providing interested parties the basics as to how to become a pilot and of the long journey that awaits, we help pilots-to-become aware of what such an ambition requires for them. From education to certifications, to flying time and various other knowledge that must be gained in order to be able to start a career in aviation.

Playing at an online casino is a fun place to let off all the steam. From slots that feature planes and flying to playing any of the traditional casino games or mobile slots , raising the stakes is generally something pilots, in general, seek to do. Pilots are looking for an adventure of sorts that can be very dangerous so there’s an element of risk that can manifest itself in other areas too. Within the area of education, it is imperative to receive at least a bachelor’s degree and we have suggested two different schools focusing solely on aviation education. The Everglades University as well at Liberty online schools are good to look into.

The information we’ve collected includes all the required courses and certifications that must be complete in order to fly. Use our degree finder to discover other universities and colleges that may be of interest that is local to you. Search online for aviation programs and look up the cost and offerings that each particular program has to offer. Guiding future pilots is our goal and we hope our website will help you find all the information you need. We have a blog and a page with other various kinds of resources. Once you become a pilot, fly to Vegas, and play all the casino games that you fancy. Even pilots are encouraged to let loose, just make sure you have a good night sleep before flying back.