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the pilotThere are all kinds of ways to categorize pilots but something that usually registers for of all them is they are smart, wild, and definite risk takers. For those who like to take risks at the wheels or the wings, head on right down to a local casino. Throwing your money out on the line is a little bit like putting your life on the line at 7,000 feet, it can be thrilling, even more thrilling is winning money that could potentially buy you a fleet. Take over the airspace with big casino wins and play the games of your choice. Fancy riding on a bit of luck?

Play roulette and take it all the way home with your own luck. Enjoy a game with more rules, rhyme and reason like Poker, we won’t tell anyone if you plan on counting cards, we are just really impressed. Slot machines are a great way to enjoy a little bit of gambling and a little bit of flying at once. There are slot machines that feature WWI and WWII aviators in bomber bonus rounds and with a lot of interesting nostalgia. Marvel slots are also popular and although they don’t necessarily feature pilots, they do feature superheroes and every pilot is a superhero just in case you haven’t heard. Other than slot machines that feature war as a theme, there are more peaceful ways to fly in airplane and transportation slots, no shooting or bombing necessary.

Become the feature aviator playing slots and win thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars either online or at land-based casinos. Gambling online is a definite time suck but being able to gamble in the comfort of your own home may be just the kind of fun you’re looking to having. Not all gamblers show up at the casinos today, more and more of them are using their phones and mobile devices to gamble in between commercials while watching TV. Find theme-based casino apps for all kinds of casino games including sports-betting like horseracing or football. Want to know how to become a pilot after gambling and knowing what it means to ride high? We know all about it and can direct you and anyone who’s interested in becoming a pilot straight-away. Our site actually has a search feature where potential students can find the best aviation schools and universities and other programs. Simply put in the place and type of program you are looking for and click “search”. Two programs we recommend one is remote and one is not.

The Everglades University is not remote and will require students to go there to get their flying hours and education on campus. The Everglades University is a strong program in both academics and in practice. Pilots can receive an MA in aviation and an MS in aerodynamics. The other university we recommend is Liberty University, a way to get as much of your education as you can online, and the rest based on where you live or may need to go to briefly. Take on the challenge in the air and in the casino with superhero pilots.